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Prolotherapy is a non-surgical injection technique used to treat injured tissues throughout the body. Prolo stands for proliferate, which means that the substances used in the injection help proliferate tissue healing. Prolotherapy is always a combination of dextrose (sugar) and lidocaine (anesthetic), but can be customized with other nutrients to encouarge the best healing response. 


Prolotherapy works by encouraging the body's natural healing response through a controlled inflammatory reaction. This may sound counterproductive, but our bodies inflammatory response also acts as an incredible healing response. This is activated by injecting the injured tissue and also lightly agitating (peppering) the location with the needle.  The combination of the needle agitation and the solution injected stimulates the healing response. This response encourages platelets, growth factors, and increased circulation to the injured tissue. As a result, Prolotherapy works exceptionally well for treating all kinds or ligament injuries, arthritis, and joint instability. 


Treatments are based on patient need and the severity of injured tissue. About 85-95% of patients see lasting improvement after 3-4 treatments. Treatments are usually spaced in 2-8 week increments depending on patient response.  





















Conditions Treated

Trigeminal neuralgia / headaches

Neck pain / whiplash 
Shoulder pain / rotor cuff injuries
Knee pain / medial / lateral / deep / patella
Hip pain / groin pain
Back pain / sciatica / sacroiliac strain 
Achilles tendonitis / ankle sprain
Ankle pain and Arthritis / Plantar fasciitis / Morton’s neuroma.

Tennis and golfer's elbow (Epicondylitis)






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