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German Functional Medicine

Electrodermal Biofeedback is a method for accessing biological information that is based on more than half a century of German research in electrodermal screening. It provides the contemporary health practitioner with a powerful tool for personalizing patient care. 

Modern Electrodermal Biofeedback started in the early 1950s when Reinhold Voll MD began scientific studies into acupuncture meridian patterns. He determined that by measuring the electrical properties of these acupuncture points valuable information could be obtained about underlying organs, lymph function and toxins. These imbalances could be detected below the level of standard pathological methods. He then determined by adding the correct nutrient or homeopathic to the measurement circuit the reading would return to optimum, thereby finding the correct treatment for that patient. 

This method became known as EAV (Electro Acupuncture of Voll). Although EAV is widely used throughout the world today, there have been many advances in both instruments and technique. 

Both Doctor Robert and Hans Jangaard have years of experience and training in this field and utilize the best German equipment available. The predominant instrument is the Vega BioExpert. 

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