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Neural Prolotherapy (NPT) 

NPT is an injection modality used to treat neurogenic pain associated with acute / chronic injury or disease. This therapy has been advanced by Dr. John Leyftgot of New Zealand, where he gained recognition after successfully curing 300 cases of Achilles tendonitis using this therapy.

This Injection technique uses (D5W) a dilute form of dextrose, which is injected near the sub-cutaneous nerves associated with the specific pain pattern.  After the series of superficial injections only ¼- ½ inch in depth, the patient will experience pain relief, increased mobility, and an overall sense of improvement.

Treatments vary from 1-8 sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart. I see most improvement holding after 2-4 treatments. Success rates range from 80-100% depending on patient compliance, number of treatments, and overall vitality of the patient.

The mechanism of action is thought to be that dextrose inhibits neurogenic pain by down-regulating specific inflammatory peptides which cause pain along sensory nerves. Dextrose also has a specific healing response to connective tissue. Because nerves are 80% connective tissue, this treatment also repairs the structure of damaged nerves. When a nerve is damaged, ligaments, muscles, and joints are compromised. Through NPT the nerve structure and function is restored. 

Conditions treated
Trigeminal neuralgia / headaches
Neck pain / whiplash 
Shoulder pain / rotor cuff injuries
Knee pain / medial / lateral / deep / patellar
Hip pain / groin pain
Back pain / sciatica / sacraliliac strain
Achilles tendonitis / ankle sprain
Planter Fasciitis / Morton’s neuroma.

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