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Dr. Robert Jangaard

Dr. Robert Jangaard has practiced naturopathic medicine in Washington State since 1977. His undergraduate education was at the University of Washington (5 years) with a degree in Medical Technology. He was employed by Group Health Hospital for 4 years in Laboratory Medicine. He then attended medical school at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle (graduating in 1976). His interest in the latest healing methods and his technical background led him to the emerging electronic systems of diagnosis and treatment called German Bioenergetics Medicine (also known as German Functional Medicine). He began studying these methods in 1982 and has trained extensively in the U.S., Canada and Germany. He now incorporates this system into conventional and naturopathic methods. 

Dr. Robert Jangaard was born and raised in Seattle, growing up in the fishing community of Ballard. His father, a Norwegian immigrant, owned and operated several Alaskan fishing vessels. A hard-working tradition as well as a taste for nature, the outdoors and adventure was imparted to him. Beyond healing, he has a keen interest in horticulture, skiing, windsurfing and hiking.

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